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32 Interesting Facts about Blood

32 Interesting Facts about Blood

Blood is one body fluid in humans and other animals, which protects essential substances such as materials and oxygen and transports waste bags to Messibol away from their same cells. In Vertebrate, it is made up of bloodstream in blood plasma.

Shocking Facts about Blood

32 Interesting Facts about Blood, Shocking Facts about Blood
Facts about Blood

1. The first blood transfusion of 1667 was done between two dogs.

2. The world's first blood bank was created in 1937

3. James Harrison has donated blood 1,000 times in 60 years and has saved the lives of two million people.

4. In a drop blood, there are 250,000 platelets and 10,000 white blood cells.

5. In our body, 70% of blood in the hemoglobin contained in red blood cells, in 4% of the components in the muscle protein myoglobin, 25% in the liver, in the lumps, in the kidneys and in the garden, the remainder 1% is in the cell enzymes on plasma's fluid contents.

6. Every three seconds, anyone in India needs blood, 40,000 units of blood are required every day in the world, one in 3 is never required in life.

7. Our blood circulation runs at speeds of 400km per hour, determines approximately 9600km distance throughout the day. (900km in some places is also written)

8. Coconut water in the compulsion can also be used by blood plasma zag.

9. The blood is only four infections (O, A, B, AB), but approximately 80,000 in cows, 13 in dogs, 11 blood vessels are found in the litter.

10. Only female mosquitoes suck blood, male mosquitoes are vegan and only drink sweet fluid, a female mosquito can drink 3 times more zygad blood than its weight.

11. 12 lakhs of mosquitoes can shed all of the blood in a mosquito, the mosquito's O group enjoys blood sugar intake.

12. After the death, which is closer to the earth's surface, blood pressure goes to the side, due to the gravitational force.

13. Pregnancy cannot donate blood to women who are feeding the child.

14. We have 0.2mg of gold in our body, most of which is put in our blood, 8gm gold can be extracted from the blood of 40,000 people.

15. Japan's population estimates the number of people belonging to the blood group.

16. Brazil There is such an Adivasi group in the country, the blood group (O) of all the people in this group.

17. Initially, red blood is watered, but the spider's blue light blood is fried in the sword.

18. The HP printer's civilian is more expensive than blood.

19. When donating blood in Sweden, 'thank you' is sent to you, it is sent when the blood is used by someone else's blood.

20. It is impossible to give blood and urine at the same time physically.

21. Sometimes when we look up to the sky, our eyes begin to move white in front of the eyes, in fact, it is our white blood cells.

22. The blood vessel cell can take only 30 seconds to fit the whole body cycle, it can set the distance of 1,12,000km in 20 seconds.

23. A sapphire-like swab of the crab is a substance that is used to make tainted checks of contaminated substances used in drugs.

24. If the blood vessels are inserted at the end of the vesicles, they can wrap the earth twice.

25. Until now, Vigyan could not make blood! It is only given to nature (God).

26. Red Blood Cells carry oxygen and end co2.

27. White blood cells protect the body from bacteria.

28. Plasma they carry the protein in the body protects blood from birth.

29. Platelets help in the recovery of blood, after some time of injury due to the injury, bleeding is stopped.

30. Blood Donation: - A healthy person of 18 to 60 years of age, who weighs 45 kg, haemoglobin can donate 12.5 grams and every three months, you can donate one unit or every 350 weeks in every 8 weeks. Can donate blood! Organizations such as the American Red Cross provide donation camps where one can take part and donate blood, you can also donate blood in any hospital.

31. Who cannot donate blood?
Donors who are under 18 years of age and above 60 years of age and weighing 110 pounds, cannot donate blood. Diseases like the active donor, severe infection or HIV, AIDS should not be donated to AIDS. Before donating blood, consult a doctor and advise to share medical history.

32. This period is different in different countries, blood donation can be done after 56 days in Canada.

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