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Short Essay on Problems and Solutions of Village Life

Life In A Village of India. The Villages are free from the humming about of a city life, towns are peaceful, calm, extremely and stacked with greenery where one can breathe in characteristic air. The enjoyments of towns are delineated by the way in which villagers merrily live in the little huts or a home, made by earth or mud.

Short Essay on Problems and Solutions of Village Life

Short Essay on Problems and Solutions of Village Life, Life in Villages
Life in Villages


Towns may seem green, peaceful and contamination free anyway life in these spots can be very testing. There has been a considerable measure of mechanical headway over the most recent couple of decades. We are getting a charge out of an agreeable life in the urban areas and approach everything that makes our life helpful. In any case, the villagers despise such solace and accommodation because of absence of the advanced offices.

Issues of Villages 

Here is a glance at the issues of towns:

Poor Infrastructure

The foundation in towns isn't great. The streets and scaffolds are not manufactured legitimately and this hampers their availability with towns and urban communities which is an impediment in building up great business. Schools and doctor's facilities in the towns need great staff and additionally offices. Numerous towns don't have control supply or face a ton of intensity cuts. Speaking with individuals living in different territories can likewise get very troublesome for the villagers because of poor telecom framework in these regions.

Sanitation is another grave issue in towns.

No Importance to Education

Numerous towns don't have schools. Along these lines, individuals in towns don't motivate an opportunity to look for training. Indeed, even those towns that do have schools don't see much participation as individuals in towns don't comprehend the significance of instruction. They connect with their youngsters in family unit exercises or cultivating just to have assistance.

Man centric Structure

In towns, men are viewed as the leader of the family and the ladies in the house must adhere to their guidelines. Every one of the choices are taken by the male individuals from the family. Ladies are generally limited just to the kitchen and other family tasks. They are not permitted to go out and work. They can't express their emotions or suppositions about anything. The instances of female foeticide in the Indian towns are likewise very high.

Answers for the Problems

Here are the answers for the issues looked by the general population living in towns:

Instruction ought to be Made Compulsory

The administration must make training obligatory for everybody. Great schools ought to be opened in towns and the administration ought to guarantee that no youngster in any town stays uneducated.

Grown-up Education

Grown-up training ought to likewise be advanced. Night schools must be opened for this reason and grown-ups must be urged to look for training. This is of most extreme significance as just when the grown-ups are taught they would comprehend the significance of instruction and teach their kids.

Streets must be Built

Streets and extensions ought to be fabricated so that there is legitimate availability between the towns and urban areas. This will support the agriculturists and craftsmans to extend their business and make social insurance offices effectively agreeable to villagers.

Power Supply a Must

In the present occasions, it is difficult to develop and build up an area if there is no power supply or consistent power cuts. This is a standout amongst the most essential things expected to advance in any field. In this way, government must guarantee that individuals in towns are not without it.

Sanitation Facility

With the end goal to keep up appropriate cleanliness and great wellbeing, it is fundamental to have great sanitation office. The legislature must elevate the need great sanitation office and should likewise guarantee every town has it.

Better Healthcare Facilities

There is a desperate need to give great social insurance offices in each area. The legislature must guarantee that each town is outfitted with great doctor's facilities and knowledgeable and experienced social insurance staff.


There are various difficult issues being looked by the villagers. Individuals in the towns are without different offices which are an obstacle in their advancement. The administration must try endeavors to encourage the towns with present day offices so the general population living in those regions can likewise appreciate a spotless and agreeable life.


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